Sunday, 1 September 2013



Sorry I haven't posted on here for what seems (and is) forever! This summer has been really amazing and I have loved almost every second of it! I've hardly been in rainy old Scotland which suits me fine. I was on a school trip to Tanzania, a family holiday in Florida and then to London to do some volunteering work! All in the space of 6 weeks or so.

 I think to catch up on all my different things it will take me several posts, and now I am back to school with a little structure in my life I'm going to try and post here much more frequently. So I will start from the beginning...

I now wear glasses! Just for distance and luckily I'm not too blind. I found the most beautiful pair of D&G ones. They were the last ones in the shop and I'm so lucky I snapped them up! They are quite vintage-y in style with big black rims and they are lovely! Glasses really can be such a fashion statement! I tried on so many lovely pairs and it was so difficult to decide what to go for. There are loads of traditional style ones, and quite a few weird and wonderful ones.

Sorry for the bad picture quality! 

 Sunglasses are also a great love of mine! My friend Billy told me about Finlay & Co. who make stunning wooden sunglasses. I love how they are a little bit different. They look very sleek and sophisticated. Being made of wood, they have an extra dimension and texture. They are definitely on my summer wishlist for next year! Plus, they are handmade and so no two pairs are the same, perfect! 

That's all for just now but expect me to be posting a lot more soon! 

Rachel x

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