Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hi folks!
 I'm so sorry for the dreadful lack of posting on here. I thought after half term my teachers would take it relatively easy on me but I have had about 3 times as much homework than usual, and lots of coursework to complete, plus next week I have a piano exam which I am going to fail, because basically I am awful at piano... I've been planning to send pen pal letters too but haven't been able to because of all this. And on top of all of this I might be moving house right before my exams. So I'm a little bit stressed out!

 Anyway, other than that everything's been fine. Happy International Women's Day to all of you lovely ladies! Remember, you are all incredible!


 Here is a little selection of some of the things inspiring me right now, all of these pictures are from tumblr. Check out my tumblr here

So, as you can see I'm loving pastel pinks, glitter and anything to do with unicorns. Hope to be blogging some more soon! 

Ray xx

p.s. anyone who wants to do any guest blogging please email me at


  1. hey i hope the stress eases on you soon and good luck with your piano exam. :-)

    1. Awww! Thank you, you're very sweet! x

  2. this is so fab omg grimes and asdfgh ur blog is fab it's dani we write for outsider together btw ok kewl u rock <3

    1. Dawww.... Thanks Dani, you sweetie! You rock too! Suuper-duuper excited for Outsider, it will be fabby!