Saturday, 26 January 2013

I feel like a princess...

I think couture is one of the most beautiful things in the fashion world, the detail and thought that the designers put in is simply amazing, and the looks are breathtaking! I think it is pure art. Personally I usually prefer some of the more girly, ballgowney (I made a new word!) type of dresses such as this stunning sheer and red dress from Valentino, isn't it gorgeous! It is relatively simple, compared to many dresses, but is completely wonderful! The pattern is elegant, and I love the use of the bold red colour!

This is another dress from Valentino which I loved, it is very feminine and elegant. I absolutely love the sleeves, aren't they wonderful! There was quite a lot of white in the Valentino show, which again I loved because, well white is one of my favourite colours for clothes, especially dresses, and also it looks good on everyone, I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't look good in a crisp, clean white dress.

I could go on all day about the beautiful Valentino show, with its modern, clean lines and silhouettes, but also with some more traditional aspects mixed in. Ellie Saabs show was also full of gorgeous pieces, like the dress below, covered in pretty little flowers. I liked the way that it is sheer at the bottom,  which gives it a modern edge, but is very classic with it's design and detailing. 

The dress below was another one from Ellie Saab which I really liked, the soft gold colour is very pretty, and the detailing again is stunning. It is a very classic piece of design, bending modern and traditional styles very well. 

Finally here are some of the stunning pieces from Dior, designed by Raf Simmons. The modern and simple styles of the dresses was beautiful and I love the bright colours that were used, the outfits really "popped". The first outfit here is a very pretty top and skirt together. It is such a wonderful design and I just love the simplicity and minimalism of it. The veiled headdress was also very pretty. 

This is a very beautiful dress again, very simple, I like the contrast between the black and the light blue.  The silhouette it creates is very beautiful. The light blue, almost rippled fabric used for the skirt is very pretty and quite unusual. Again I could write for days on the beauty of Raf Simmons collection for Dior but I won't. You should definitely have a look at the rest of the show, although I'm sure you probably already have. All of the photographs used in this post are from Vogue

I just love the couture shows, they are simply stunning and the artistry involved is amazing! Some of the looks are simple and modern, others are more traditional and are like something out of a fairytale. Either way all of it is beautiful, and I just want to wear it all! If I could get away with wearing these stunning dresses everyday, I would never take them off. However... sadly I have to burst my own bubble... as a teenager who has no job, and the only money I get is for Christmas and Birthdays, I think it might take me a while to save up..... 

Ahhh well, a girl can dream, can't she? 

Love, Ray xx


  1. These are sooo beautiful! And well written!
    p.s I'm looking forwar to working with you on Outsider

    1. Thanks, you're very sweet! Yeah me too, well I'm looking forward to working with you, not working with myself :D Its gonna be gooood! I love your blog! xxx

  2. what beautiful photos! and I agree couture makes me so very happy!

    1. I know it's amazing! I would wear it everyday if I could!